PISTOL PAY was started by a group of entrepreneurs who were frustrated online buyers of high value goods.

There simply was no acceptably safe, convenient and flexible purchasing tool available for high value goods. So, the entrepreneurs at PISTOL PAY decided to start from scratch.

PISTOL PAY follows the following principles:

  • Create the safest payment method for both Buyers and Sellers
  • Create a simple, easy-to-use, and highly flexible user interface
  • Provide our Buyers and Sellers with high quality communication at all relevant times during the financial transaction
  • Provide our services at the lowest cost possible without sacrificing transaction security
  • Associate with only the strongest service providers

PISTOL PAY is perfect for the automotive, art, collectible, antiquities, firearms, and jewelry markets, as well as other industries that involve significant value transfers from one party to another. Within each market, we tailor solutions that fit that market’s industry-specific transfers.

In order to provide the best value to our clients, Pisto|Pay has created strategic partnerships with Merchant Services LTD and a top 10 US Financial institution (by assets). Merchant Services LTD is an industry-leading credit card processing service provider that provides secure, fast, cost-effective credit card and ACH processing solutions with over a decade of experience and a yearly processing volume approaching 14 billion USD. Merchant Services LTD has a PCI-Compliant (the highest security standard in the financial industry) headquarters in Miami Beach, Florida, and satellite offices across the country, passing physical site visits performed by both Visa and MasterCard’s independent auditors every year to assure complete physical and electronic data security. In 2012, Merchant Services LTD was ranked in Inc Magazine's INC 5000 list as the 18th fastest growing private company. Our financial institution Bank acts as the depository for PistoIPay users’ funds from the time the buyer sends payment until the time the seller receives the direct deposit into their account. These highly-respected financial institutions historically stay out of the headlines and stay clear of the financial troubles that plague the rest of the industry.

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